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" Everything you can imagine is real "

- Picasso -


STUDIO i3 is a multi-disciplinary design studio driven by a sense of turning dreams into reality.   Our  passion  is  developing  designs  that  inspire  creativity  and  self  exploration. Our  motivation  is  creating  design  solutions  with a unique  character that are both highlyfunctional and enriched with cultural meaning.


We do not think in restrictions, we think in solutions. Our passion and motivation is creating interiors that are distinctive in expression and unique to our client's character. We employ a collaborative process of development where clients are an integral part of each project. We take every measure  to ensure  that every  project runs  smoothly and with results that exceed clients dream and expectations.


Lucia Basnakova

A Humber College Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design and a combined experience of 10 years in the design field, Lucia has developed skills that help her clients create their dream kitchen space. Her positive attitude and attention to function and detail help in creating a smooth kitchen renovation process.

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